This is a unique opportunity which is usually hard to find in Chiang Mai. What is unique about this opportunity is that it can be owned by a foreigner in Thailand.

That means avoiding the usually very difficult rules as foreigners runs into when they buy real estate in Thailand.

By purchasing this Condominium the person owns it 100% yourself, and do not have to be Thai married or have a Thai registered company. Remember, this apartment is 596 sqm.

the same as 3 normal houses in Thailand.

For more information please call 094-756-8899



Also available for rent 90,000 THB./Month long term contract.

For sale Normal Price 29 million THB. Reduced to 23,999,000 THB.


Foreign Finance available. Up to 60% financing is possible if the customer want to finance. The financing is done through the seller and the buyer must be credit approved. More information about interest and fees regarding financing can be obtained from the seller.

Building or House can be included in the trade as part of the payment. Location in this case must be Chiang Mai or Bangkok.